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Never has there been live proof of health and safety until now.

During these uncertain times, our passion rests solely on proving

what is safe and healthy where we all live, work, travel & play.


Each day we use data and science to create safer, healthier, and smarter lives.


Combining cutting edge technology and environmental science we build connected smart networks that continually measure and verify the safety and health of a facility, protect surfaces, purify air, and provide the confidence and insight to assist in better decision management and trust building.

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Blue Nano’s  scientific measurement and AI analysis create trust and confidence that environments are as safe and healthy as they can be while providing tremendous insight for better decision management.


CLAIRITY’s active air program not only demonstrates air quality but actively purifies spaces which ultimately elevates health, moods and mindsets while further boosting trust and confidence..


With your facility verified clean, enhance and extend that protection long term with cutting edge direction, tools, technology and industry defining products.

Blue Nano's controls and sensors live on a private independent, cell based IOT Nano Network.  As your needs and interest for smart automation grows this sophisticated network will support them.


Protecting & Empowering


Lodging, travel, dining, events, retail can restore trust and confidence.


Focus and enjoy the moment and experience not your safety and well-being.


Employees and visitors instantly feel comfortable and confident.

Senior Living

Safety and well being is priority with elders, provide them with that confidence.


current conditions at Blue Nano Labs

The live CLAIRITY billboards are designed to be display on large monitors in your facilities to reinforce and provide confidence in people's experiences and interactions with you



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