Agents of Confidence

Brilliant, innovative, pivoting leaders in their own fields have come together to create this complete end to end solution that is changing the way people live, work, travel and play.  


Not afraid to ask why, or more importantly be asked, "Why?"  This team identifies a challenge or opportunity and throws 10 different mindsets and industry expertise to create a solution.

- innovation -

For 30 years Sam has been an innovator and technology evangelist always at the cutting edge and today is rethinking the way we live, work, travel and play forever.
- focus -

Pulling from decades of executive operational design and deployment for Apple, AT&T, Disney, Dell, Ford, American Airlines, and GE Doug is leading Blue Nano to market and full deployment.
- vision -

Ken keeps an eye and focus on the future and puts the resources, partnerships, and plans in place to achieve success at speed and scale.
- insight -

John leads the technology team synthesizing massive amounts of data and creates meaningful and
actionable insight.
- data -

Michael pulls all the technology and verification into one viable solution insuring all data is aggregated, retrieved, and analyzed at the highest proficiency.
- protection -

A microbiologist that is a leader in all the intricacies of antimicrobial protection and science of creating safer and healthy environments.
- hospitality -

A hospitality veteran that knows what it takes to create the best experiences for guests while creating operational efficiency within a corporation to do so.
- protection ambassador -

As a Blue Nano ambassador Alberto solves peoples challenges while giving them confidence, insight and purpose.
- visual -

Seth makes things look as good as it sounds.  He takes thoughts and turns them in to images.  He ensures your message is on point.
- scientist -

Dr. John introduced antimicrobial to the team and is pushing the space and awareness to new levels.
- fine print -

As a business exec Sean became fed up with the bottlenecks and stymying of business in legal, Sean became a tech and business lawyer focusing on making business work more efficiently .
- creator -

Michael takes the complicated and turns it into a story that everyone can relate to.  He also adds a flare and perspective that gets people excited.
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